Monday, April 11, 2011

Catch Up in Wardrobe

Day off attire: dressed like the vintage working class to inspire productivity.
Top: Vintage men's Wrangler work shirt bought at Thrift Mart (spring '11), $1.00
Jeans: Yearrrrrrrs old Lee jeans in light denim and "boyfriend fit", $5.00 assumed value
Belt: Braided leather Eddie Bauer belt from Thrift Mart (spring '11), FREE
Headband: Red bandanna "borrowed" from my mom, FREE
Approximate Total: $6.00
Indulging in my greatest fashion weakness: old man collared shirts.
Top: Men's vintage collared shirt from Thrift Mart (spring '11), $1.00
Skirt: Thrifted grey jersey mini skirt, $2.00
Belt: Gold scale plated, vintage, $.25
Tights: Target clearance aisle, $3.00
Boots: Vintage cowboy boots, $10.00
Approximate Total: $16.25
Experiment. Hypothesis: If I tuck in this shirt, it will look kinda neat. Test: see above. Analyze results: Uncomfortable and unflattering. Report results: If I tuck in this shirt, it does NOT look kinda neat. I wore it this way for our Eco Arts Festival Fashion Show meeting and swiftly let those shirt tails breathe.
Top: Perfect gift from Carissa! Vintage snap-button denim with adorable applique on the shoulders. FREE
Jeans: Green denim, bought new years ago and tight-rolled myself, $7.00
Belt: Braided leather Eddie Bauer belt from Thrift Mart (spring '11), FREE
Shoes: Dark Brown moccasins, a gift from my mom over the holidays. Saved in their box until the weather was right. FREE
Approximate Total: $7.00 (cost only on the pants!)
Leslie and the Ly's dance troupe uniform, minus the lipstick, Keds, and sunglasses. Worn to work at a show, but also perfect for a summer day off or mix-and-matched for any other day.
Top: Available here in amazing colors!
Shorts: Handmade by Leslie Hall.
Headband: Braided by the gem master herself from spandex costume scraps. Available at White Rabbit!!
Total: FREE as generous gifts from Mother Gem
Uniform in action at Old Brick in Iowa amazing free show and dance party for UI's Women's and Gender Studies. I danced until I couldn't.

My choice for a photo shoot in my craft corner. Bright colors, craft table and piles, cats, and cat hair...I feel like my essence was captured perfectly. Details on where to see my photo amongst other crafty Iowa ladies to come.
Shirt: Rainbow plaid with heart-shaped pockets and snap buttons, from Thrift Mart (spring '10), $.50
Jumper: Cherokee brand salmon denim bought on QUARTER DAY, $.25
Leggings: Clearance, $3.00
Socks: Target, $1.50
Boots: Vintage cowboy boots, $10.00
Approximate Total: $15.25

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