Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

There are no excuses to not tackle nearly every item on your project list when you have 2.5 weeks at home with no obligations. This is my situation, still at the top end of the 2.5 weeks my boss is in India.

We painted much of our apartment in the first couple of months here, which I shared long ago in this post. We bought a calming slate blue for the bedroom, but after tackling four rooms worth of walls, I was burnt out and swore that I'd get to it soon. Fast forward to February, and I finally got around to it.

Until yesterday, the bedroom was such an eyesore that I never bothered to take a single photo of it. Tall, white walls in the shape of a small square just big enough for our bed and kind of our dresser. One small west-facing window with the view of a brick wall three feet away (ahh, city life) and a single bare bulb hanging from a rusty chain being our only sources of light. The room absolutely felt like a prison cell. Of course, we do nothing but sleep and change clothing in the room--even reading and napping are done elsewhere--but it felt nothing like the sanctuary typical of a bedroom.

Thank goodness things change.

Please divert your eyes away from the paint on the ceiling! I am diligent about edges only for the first wall and then inevitably get lazy. One of the items on my "no excuses list" is to hop around the apartment with white paint and a ladder to fix my whoopses. Also on the list is to hang some white shelves we've acquired from both friends and the Renegade Handmade store (RIP) and make a hanging lamp shade with a little more interest.

Also, while I commandeered most of the styling choices in the apartment, Jake did an exceptional job choosing both the wall and bedding colors for this room. The combination of light blue and brown has always been a favorite of mine, and adding touches of jewel tones makes for a romantic room without feeling like it belongs to a princess. Maybe in our next place, I'd let him do all of the color scheming.

A few of the details:
Bedding: Espresso brown and Eggplant organic sheet sets from Target
Gazelle print: FREE gift from Renegade's fixture sale with our purchases--it had a $50 price tag on it, but has slight tears at the edges. Whatta deal!
Throw pillows and curtains: Made by my mom years ago when I'd decorated my bedroom in a Moroccan motif
Elephants: All of the tiny elephants were found at antique and consignment shops and gifted to me by my dad for good luck

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  1. Looks great! That little handsome fella in the last pic looks pretty cute too.