Thursday, February 23, 2012


The hallway and its giant chalk board have gotten a make-over. I'm still in the process of putting it all together, but I am dorkily excited for someone to see the chalkboard. We won't have guests for a couple of weeks, so HERE YA GO, INTERNET!

 The lettering and embellishment was done with chalk pens, which wipe off with water but won't smudge under your finger. I have a bag of plain ol' chalk nearby, so visitors can leave their own marks or Jake and I can write each other the lovey messages we are wont to do.

Outfit details--All elements purchased second-hand unless noted otherwise:
Why do I look so crabby!?
Floral Shirt: $1.50
Dress: $2.00
Belt: $.25
Tights & Socks: Purchased from mall stores, $10.00
Boots: A birthday gift from my mom, to replace the pair that was stolen from my car! I paid $40.00 of my own money for these from Zappos.
Approximate Total: $53.75 (13.75 excluding the boots)

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  1. I hope this is still in tact! See you soon. <3