Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Now that my handsome roommate/best friend has returned to school, I have a lot of time alone at home. In the summer I'd go exploring, but I am holing up for Chicago winter, no matter how mild. 

My new sewing machine has been put to work!

After fixing all of the ripped pants in the house--including one pair split by Jake at a party when trying to do yoga while wearing corduroys--I began working on the pile I set aside to reconstruct. Each top is upcycled from materials I already owned.

Vintage blouse, ruched with added blue lace.


Freestyle "quilt" from fabric scraps appliqued to a stained t-shirt I had dyed last summer. This is a new style that I am working to perfect.

Peculiar short sleeved t-shirt/cardigan/jacket, sewed together in the front, gathered under the bust for a little shape, and give puffy sleeves.

I can't wait to do this to more sweatshirts! Tiny vintage sweatshirt turned into a cardigan with a  lace trim. I'm not loving the lace, so I may replace it with some green or white binding. What do you think I should do?

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  1. Congrats on the sewing productivity! Mind if you send my "to-do" sewing pile your way? :) It all looks good but I am especially loving the quilting on the t-shirt.