Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy DIY Drip Art

Water color paper or canvas
Water color paints (I used Reeve's Water Colour in a tube for more color concentration)
Paint brushes, one for each color or have a glass of water nearby for rinsing
Spray bottle of water
Newspaper or tarp to keep your space clean.

Consider experimenting on scrap paper first. Here is the hot mess of my first attempt, which is already in the recycling:

 Simple steps:
1. With the paper flat on a surface, dampen the top of your paper with your spray bottle. 
2.Add the water colors of your choice in whatever placement suits you.
3.With the spray bottle and a brush, mix each paint with water until the color paste is fully dissolved.
4.Tilt your paper/canvas upright to begin drips. Adjust as necessary: gently (or not so gently) blend your colors together, spray more water, throw some glitter on it, etc.
5.Allow drying time, frame it up, and admire.

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