Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We did it!

Recycle In Style show. What a success!

Here's a small sampling of what I made and modeled for the big show on Saturday. More (professional) photos of the other looks will surface soon. And excuse the messy apartment! The past three weeks have allowed me only the time to sleep, eat, and work work work. It has since been cleaned up for my own sanity.
Left to Right: 1: Two homemade tops made of made of thrifted fabrics, paired with leggings and a necklace rescued from a family member's pile to donate. 2: Polka-dotted wrap blouse fastened with a handmade broach and a floral skirt shorted by myself. 3: Black lace bra under a white lace top. Paired with a square-dancing skirt, vintage petti-coat, and polka dotted belt. 4: Vintage blouse printed with horses and an ascot, worn with a skirt I shortened and re-hemmed in a silly way. All items were thrifted or made with thrifted materials with the only exception being the black leggings in the first look.
I am so thankful to have been a part of the process and being able to showcase the potential within sustainable clothing. Many people approached me after the show, asking for tips on creating similar looks on their own or, "was that leather skirt really less than $2.00!?" Yes, yes it was. Behold! the glory of a thrift trip.
Behind the scenes with Mona and Carissa. Their collections were amazing! Psst!--Our dressing room was inside of a docked semi truck.
Sonya, of Ladyfits, took a leap of faith in me. She allowed me to participate in her precious child, Recyle in Style, without any real proof that I was capable of "bringing it." In the end, I am proud of what I accomplished and believe that I met the organizers' expectations.

Ya'll, this was my first time doing anything like it.

Thank you to all who came! I'm enjoying some quiet time now, after the big projects and before the big move.

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  1. love! can we have thrifty parties when you come to Chicago? i've been wanting to upcycle my clothes, but don't have the know-how...