Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fancy! Feminine! Florals!

 Top: Sheer vintage blouse from Thrift Mart '11, $1.00
Skirt: Thrifted and shortened, $2.00
Belt: Vintage, $.25
Necklace: Dainty chain with three small crystals, amazing and beautiful gift from Carissa
Tights: Old and tattered because I can't allow myself to ever look TOO prim & proper, $3.00ish
Boots: Thrifted butter-soft leather booties, $4.50
Approximate Total: $10.75
Tonight I'm headed to Peoria, IL to spend time with some of Jake's friends and family. The official plan is karaoke at the old lesbian-turned-not-lesbian bar. I think I may try singing some Ted Nugent for the first time after admiring Carissa's renditions for years. That'll make a good first impression, right?


  1. lookin like that you'll make a good first impression singing anything!