Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Dressing with a Motive

Whew. I just polished off my first 11pm episode of Seinfeld in probably two months. For a long while, it was my evening ritual to perch on my couch and enjoy a little Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. It's no secret that I am mostly annoyed by TV and its culture--and lived happily for a couple of years without a television or computer (or microwave!)--but I can't deny the appeal of daytime PBS or a little nighttime Larry David comedy. I've missed this!

That was a pretty weird tangent, but it illustrates how I feel about my day. It feels like summer out, even the late evening air feels warm. The sun was shining all afternoon, and I had a day equally accomplished and lazy. Today felt like the day that everyone was reminded how life is outside of the winter doldrums, and everyone began to feel like their ideal selves--their summer selves. That is probably a gross generalization. Geeeeeez.
Outfit, Boyfriend & Girlfriend Edition
Top: His: screen-printed by Ramona, $15ish. Hers: Thrifted men's button-up tied at waist, $1.00
Bottoms: His: Thrifted Lees that fit the rump perfectly, $3.50. Hers: Vintage pleated skirt, $2.50
Shoes: His and Hers: Loafers given as gifts, FREE
Sunglasses: His and Hers: Both thrifted at Thrift Mart at different times, $.50 total
Approximate Total: $22.50 for the two of us
To get our bodies back into their ideal summer selves as well, Jake and I have started limiting our dinner date nights. Tonight was our one for the week (or weeks?), and we chose a local pub-style restaurant for their in-house brewed beer and outdoor seating. Cedar Rapids, you disappoint with your lack of beer gardens and patio dining!  We were one of two "parties" outside enjoying the weather, the other being a young couple of co-ed friends catching up over some drinks. On her way inside, the girl next to us commented on my outfit, noticing how "adorable!!!!" I looked when we first walked out. She was pretty adorable herself in cowboy boots! Be still my heart!

Oh yes, it's flattering. Flattery is always nice, if not maybe a little awkward. There are a lot of politics that go into clothing and appearance and vanity and dressing for others, but my greatest issue is this: clothing can be the first word in a dialogue. Yes, wearing things I like gives me confidence, but wearing things I feel confident in also gives me the chance to promote possibilities. These are the possibilities within thrifted, recycled, and second-hand clothing. There is such satisfaction in letting complimentary strangers in on the secret that this SO ADORABLE! ensemble came from a thrift store. 

You spent HOW MUCH? on that pleated skirt from Urban Outfitters?! Because I spent $1.00 on this one! And there were three more in different colors for just as cheap.

The idea is that I am a walking promotion for attempting a more sustainable lifestyle. Yes, putting on a precious sundress only to cover it in coffee grounds every day has one foot in vanity, but the other is foot is strapped into advocacy. So maybe I like the compliments, but it's really all about you, Mama Earth.

YADA YADA YADA. See what I did there?

Hey, how'd you like those (unintentional) matching T. Rex arms?