Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Cheese Aisle Party

For whatever reason, today has felt exceptionally delightful. A delight to the point that I feel comfortable saying, "I had a great time at the grocery store and bank today!" like I was just hanging out with all the buddies I'd never met before, depositing our checks together and hanging out at the cheese aisle party.

I've put a considerable amount of effort into a healthful diet lately, which is likely to be credited for my high spirits. While meat and dairy products are still in my fridge, I'm choosing to eat vegetarian and vegan more often, letting fruits and vegetables run the show now that we're finally back to garden season. With a lot to be sad, worried, or stressed about right now, I am full of nutrients and positivity. And the sleep has been outstanding. A real dream. Get it?!
Shirt: Thrifted and altered from a crew neck to a v-neck, $1.00
Skirt: Genuine leather pencil skirt, $1.75
Necklace: Golden tassel pendant, from a church sale, $2.00
Shoes: Tom's brand purple oxfords, holiday gift, $FR.EE
Approximate Total: $4.75

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