Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look Ma! No Hands! (A BIG OLE UPDATE)

I'm glad to be back to normal life for a couple of weeks before the BIG MOVE kicks into gear. This time is so, so precious.

Today, May 4th
Top: Vintage big girl's top, extra large for extra comfort, purchased with a Goodwill gift certificate, priced for $2.38
Belt: Thrifted vintage, $.25
Necklace: Vintage gold fringe pendant--looks like an octopus! Bought from Thrift Mart spring '11, $2.00
Jeans: Not pictured. Teen jeans bought new but old enough to have holes in the crotch now. $10ish?
Boots: Not pictured, vintage tan calf-high currently being held together with velcro, $4.38
Approximate Total: $19.00

An afternoon off with the beau always means THRIFTING. The vintage head scarf keeps me looking fresh (and crazy) while pulling things over my head again and again.
This handsome fella did my dishes. Hubba hubba!
 Tuesday, May 3rd: Sunglasses Inside Edition
Top: Vintage and extra large for extra comfort, $.75
Necklace: Tiger's Eye from Thrift Mart Spring '11, $1.75
Sunglasses: Taken home after a long stay at the work lost and found. If these are yours, you can claim 'em (and feel proud--these puppies are featured in a soon-to-be-released music video!)--FREE
Pants: End of season clearance rack, $5.00
Approximate Total: $7.50
Top and necklace detail.
Hilarious sewing failure of the week. A camera pouch with serious construction issues. Made from fleece and vintage fabric scraps, with plastic canvas inserts. NICE TRY, me.

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  1. yay update ! 1. love those roommate cats
    2. hubba hubba indeed 3. camera pouch- I want one! 4. I love you