Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Dining Room

After a little sweat shed by my boo and a table borrowed from his mom, our dining room has finally fulfilled its destiny! Mmm, that's nice. Raise your hand if you never expected that male mannequin to make it to his spot on the wall.

The little tree is actually a rosemary bush, given to us by my Aunt Paula. This is the first room you encounter as you enter the apartment, and it smells so warm and inviting. It'd make for an excellent (and edible!) Christmas tree for a small space, and it's potted so you won't feel guilty about chopping down a perfectly happy planted tree. I think I've seen them for sale at Trader Joe's, if the idea strikes your fancy.

Body forms: rescued from a mall store dumpster, free
Fern print: thrifted, $2.00
Map: vintage from a church sale, $1.00
Table: borrowed
Table cloth: borrowed, once belonging to Jake's grandmother
Matching chairs: vintage, found at Goodwill, $10.00

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