Monday, December 12, 2011

Outfit 12/6

Wednesday was a busy day of baby snuggling, Whole Foods-ing (a big deal for a Broke gal--we had a Groupon), thrifting, and Ikea-ing. Among plenty of other things, we finally bought a dining room table. We also bought AMAZING vegan wraps from Soul Vegan and I can't endorse them enough.

Top: Church sale find, with the previous owner's name written on the tag, $.50
Vest: Technically sized for a young boy, thrifted for $.50
Skirt: Thrifted, $1.50
Tights: Years old and tattered just right
Boots: Made me subject to a long story about a man who has "broken a few broncos in his day," vintage for $20.00
Approximate Total: $22.50

Trying my best and failing to channel Natsumi Hayashi

Aaand new sunglasses, $2.99

PS- I haven't given up the vegan month! I took a small, 2 day break when my mom visited so that I could enjoy the couple of restaurants we visited, but otherwise have been 100% vegan for 13 days. Other than feeling a little weak and sleepy during my body's detox the first week, I feel wonderful! I eat fruit and nuts during the daytime, and vegetables with grains or beans for dinner. I could definitely make a habit of this.

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  1. Nice tiny vest & great job on your vegan success!