Friday, December 9, 2011

Handmade Christmas

My handsome roommate and I are not religious, nor are we interested in the secular aspects of Christmas. Still, sometimes you just gotta tilt your head at one another, get mushy, and sigh, "Awww, our first Christmas as a family." So, we agreed to set up the tree in our first apartment together. 

The tree has been mine for years and years. I have no idea how long it's been mine, if anyone had it before me, or if I bought it myself (and from where!?). It has traveled from apartment to apartment with me, summering in my mom's garage, always put away exactly as I'd displayed it. I can never be bothered to take off the decorations.

Okay! I'll admit it! It spent about six months in my little Mitsubishi's trunk this year. For no reason but my laziness. Then, after its six-month joy ride, I tossed it into the garage for the summer and left it for dead. When my mom dug it out to deliver when she visited, she rightfully considered throwing it out.

If only I'd taken a before photo. Then, you might be a little more impressed with these:

I don't like spending money on decorations, but I did invest in a couple of strands of LED lights. They're reliable, more energy efficient, and so bright that you need fewer strands. For the rest of the tree, I pulled together some easy DIY tricks and the results made for a damn cute tree. I made up the pattern for the poinsettia/dahlia tree topper, though I am pretty sure there are similar patterns easily accessible online.

And now begins the season of extra-bad cats. Here they all are, waiting for some alone time with the tree:

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  1. The tree looks great!! Those sneaky cats clearly cannot wait to tip it over.