Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Table


I just wrote my sixth Chicago rent check, and for all of those six months we've had a formal dining room with no table for which to dine. By no means a tragedy, but it's a nice thought to occasionally fix a nice meal and be able eat it at a proper table, rather than the couch or in the kitchen where my seat is just three feet from the cat boxes. I'm a roll-around-on-the-ground kind of girl, so the big, open space was fun to have...but I've always felt like I needed a table to fill its spot before I could feel totally settled in here. It's the first room you encounter in my apartment, which made for very underwhelming entrances day after day.

We found this vintage formica table, which should easily seat six, at our secret Salvation Army for $55. While I'm not obsessed with it, as I prefer to be with something I spend $55 on, I knew that it was the closest to what we want for about what we wanted to spend. I do love the faux wood and the sweet little mustache-y inlays. The top is in pristine condition, so we assume we can make our money back if we find something we like better to replace it.

Now, if I could only find a decent rug that doesn't cost $500...

PS- The table's legs don't fold or come off, so it made its way to our home tied upside-down to the roof of our little Mitsubishi with some rope, Christmas-tree style. Thankfully Jake was a good Boy Scout and is always prepared...and still knows his knots.

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  1. That's a nice table. I like the inlays- very unique.