Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinhole Press

If you ever visit A Cup of Jo, what I'm about to share with you will be no secret.

A lot of my gift-giving this past holiday season was done with the help of a small internet business, Pinhole Press. They offer sleek, contemporary photo gifts that are very high quality for reasonable prices. Their products are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the mugs and mouse pads you find at drugstores.

From all of the photos from my Long Island excursion, I chose my favorite 68 and made a soft cover photo book each for my mom, grandfather, and aunt. Of course, I didn't bother to photograph the books before I sent them to their new homes. Shame! The books made my photos look beautiful and professional. It's easy to pretend you've had your work published into a coffee table book with Pinhole Press.

For Jake, who had decided we should only exchange gifts we'd made (yeah, I cheated!), I chose a larger hardcover book template and filled it with almost 100 of my favorite photos from our six months here in Chicago. For an extra special touch, I wrote notes here and there throughout the book so we could remember the silly little details years down the road.

I can't wait to save my pennies (and photos!) and fill a whole shelf with books from Pinhole Press.


  1. Beautiful books!! Hopefully I can take a peek at Jake's during our next visit? I want to save my pennies for one too.