Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Claw Machine Reviews

Cory, a buddy of mine back home in Iowa, shares my joyful passion for arcade games--specifically skee ball and claw machines. Clever and talented guy he is, he's started a review blog for claw machines. Yes, there really is a corner of the internet for everyone.

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Having been trained well by my dad over the years, I will toot my own horn and admit to being well-above average in the claw machine department. Prior to a little snafu at the Dekalb Oasis (rigged machines!), I had been on a 3-time winning streak--three different machines in three different states. If only I could get paid for such things!

It is with these credentials that I am proud to say that I have earned as spot as Claw Machine Reviews' Chicago correspondent. You can check out my first post here!

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