Friday, January 13, 2012

Birthday Outfit

Dress: A very rare mall purchase! Divided by H&M, $20
Sweater: "Vintage Brooke", pushing ten years in my wardrobe! At this point, I'm calling it "free"
Necklace:  Statement necklace bought from 1st Class Finds, $4.00
Stockings: Gifted by Jake's mom, who has never seen me wear pants, free
Shoes: Grey pumps, not shown and bought new for a job interview, $15.00
Handsome Fella: Wearing all vintage (except the tasseled loafers, a gift from my mom) and constantly complaining about needing a hair cut, free but lookin' like a million bucks
Approximate Total: $39.00 (Whew! that's pricey in my book!)

As I've mentioned, I had a birthday last week. Among many really special gifts, I received The Boss's first ever piece of art (a lovely abstract, finger paint on canvas) and a couple of pitch-perfect vintage scarves from my boo. 

After a day at work, I was escorted by the handsome man above to play unlimited free pinball at Logan Hardware, have some whiskey at the dive-y Bob Inn, and indulge in amazing tapas at The Girl and the Goat, run by Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard. He sure knows how to treat me well. 

The whole night was sponsored by Templeton Rye, made in Iowa and oh-so delicious.

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