Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day Off, Two Ways

Good 'ol fashioned (get it!?) outfit post from two different days off of work.

Ode to Buddies
Shirt: Handmade gift from Ramona (now of the Swimsuits!)
Skirt: Vintage, originally calf-length and a-line, reconstructed by myself, $2.38
Belt: Vintage, a gift from Jessica
Necklace: Handmade and gifted by the talented Carissa
Flowers: from my beautiful cousin's summer wedding in Indiana
Approximate Total: $2.38, the cost of the skirt
Top: Vintage men's dress shirt, with rolled sleeves for feminity, 50cents
Jeans: "Teen jeans" on sale from an embarassing big box store, $12.00
Lapel pin: Unseen, a large, gold "B" sent in a care package from Carissa
Cat: My new roommate, Bill
Polka-dotted Legs: My attempt to heal bug bits from this day even though I don't have any clear nail polish--I'm a class act!
Approximate Total: $12.50


  1. I love these pictures- the background is great! rolled sleeves for feminity = so true :)Get some tea tree oil for them bites B! The polka dots are cute though.

  2. i love these outfits! i'm all about rolled jeans and sleeves.

    you have a wonderful blog!

  3. Thank you so much, Anna! After peaking into your blog world, I am very flattered. Your content is as lovely as you are!